Price of Steel

Some things just blow my mind. Earlier this week, Gilt and Starbucks announced they would be selling 5,000 special edition steel Starbucks cards.

Steel Starbucks Card
Steel Starbucks Card

Let me fill you in on a little secret. I have a Starbucks gold membership. You know how much I pay for it? Nothing. Want to know how much that costs me? Thirty items a year at Starbucks. That’s right… I have to buy thirty drinks or snacks a year (that I would have been buying anyway) in order to get free ones every twelve (and one on my birthday). That’s all a gold membership is.

This new fancy steel card costs $450. That’s right four hundred and fifty dollars. Here’s what you get for that (from the Gilt product offering):

Fashioned out of solid stainless steel, the card costs $450, but comes pre-loaded with $400, valid for drinks, food, and merchandise at participating Starbucks locations. Beyond that, you get automatic My Starbucks Rewards™ Gold Level membership, which entitles you to perks like a free birthday drink, and a free drink or food item after 12 Stars (some restrictions apply).

Ok, two things:

  1. The gold level membership is essentially free to us commoners that don’t have $450 lying around to invest in steel. You get the membership by simply buying stuff at Starbucks.
  2. Does the “some restrictions apply” make anyone else nervous? If I walk into Starbucks with a $450 piece of steel in my hand, I better get whatever I want.

Here’s the best part… the 5,000 limited edition cards sold out in less than five seconds. Merry Christmas.

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