Random Act #5: Josephine Gay

Shadow decided he wanted to get in on the giving… so my fifth act was to buy some goodies for our local animal shelter. This is in honor of Josephine Gay (“Joey”) – she was seven years old and was autistic and suffered from apraxia, a neurological disorder that affects motor skills, and could not speak. She loved the color purple.

Random Act #6: Josephine Gay
Random Act #6: Josephine Gay

In other news, my fourth act made Facebook – as it turns out, the barista that took my order for the person that I paid for in the Starbucks line knows Kati’s sister-in-law. She posted a picture of her drink with the note on it along with this:

Just had a complete stranger change my day, how wonderful is it that she is turning tragedy into improving the lives of others. Especially since the scare at Amador today I’m starting right now, in honor of #1 Charlotte Bacon.

It seriously makes my day that this is catching on. I’m so glad that I was able to do something small for someone that helped make their day just a little bit better!

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