Random Act #19: Caroline Previdi

Today I completed random act of kindness number 19. We headed over to get some pizza for dinner on the way home and I decided to buy a pizza for the next person to come in and order “The Cowboy” (we were at Papa John’s and that’s their most popular pizza). The cool part was that when I told the guy at the counter what I wanted to do, he asked if I had Twitter. I said yes, why? and he told me he had heard of this #26acts thing. How cool is that? It’s catching on!

This is in honor of Caroline Previdi, a six-year-old who loved the color pink, the New York Yankees, and donated money from her piggy bank to the church toy drive.

Random Act #19: Caroline Previdi
Random Act #19: Caroline Previdi

In other news, I know in my original post I had said that I was going to try to have twenty-six acts done by December 31st, but it’s going to take a little more time. I want these acts to be meaningful, so I’m getting rid of my deadline (I’ll likely have them done in the next week or so). I don’t want to rush just to have them done by tomorrow and not do something that helps others.

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