Happy New Year!

A happy New Year it was indeed! We had a fantastic time celebrating with our friends and family! As is our customary tradition, we roasted a pig.

New Year's Pig
New Year’s Pig

The number of people that we have seems to vary by year. We had somewhere between fifty and sixty this time around. This year we celebrated a New York new years and a California new years. I thought for sure that we would be the only ones left at midnight, but surprisingly, there were still a decent amount of people!


Little miss Chloe made her first party appearance – and did really well with all the people and noise!

Chloe on New Years
Chloe on New Years

It really was a great time! Maybe too much of a good time… both Mike and I have been feeling the effects today! Thank goodness we both had the day off! Head on over to my Facebook page if you want to check out more pictures from the party!

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