2013 Music Calendar

Those of you that know me well know that I love music. I love live music the best – there’s something about a band or artist being able to seeing well without the aid of studio magic that really makes me happy. Every year I do my best to go see all sorts of musicians play live, whether it’s country music, opera, or pop, I love a good show. Here’s what I have lined up so far for 2013:

January 27: Rock of Ages

January 31: George Strait

June 2: Les Misérables

I’ll admit, it’s a little bit light. So far, there’s not a whole lot coming to the greater Northern California area, at least not right now. There are a few bands (Mumford & Sons and the Zac Brown Band come to mind) that I would love to see and am keeping an eye out. A major bet went down on New Years Eve as to whether or not Led Zeppelin will be making a 2013 appearance… if they do, we’ll definitely be seeing them!

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