Super Bowl Musings

As most of you know, I’m a born and raised San Francisco 49ers fan. As is Shadow:

Die Hard 49ers Fan
Die Hard 49ers Fan

The first half of the game was really disappointing for me – it really looked like they weren’t there to play. I thought overall Colin Kaepernick played a pretty good game – he had some rookie mistakes, but for only being his 10th NFL start, the kid did ok. The power outage thing was crazy… definitely a game changer (in the 49ers favor), but they just couldn’t pull it off. If they had come out in the first half like they played in the 2nd, I have no doubt we would have won. It was a good, fair game, and the 49ers just didn’t have the extra oomph to pull it off.

Now, onto the ads. I was pretty disappointed with this year’s selection – I felt like they were mostly boring. There were two commercials that I really liked. My favorite (of course!) was the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial – I’m a sucker for the horses! I seriously got all misty-eyed at this one!

The other commercial that I thought was pretty cute came from Tide. I loved the Joe Montana Miracle Stain commercial. It was such a cute concept!

There was one last commercial that seriously made me laugh. It was on after the game (we actually didn’t see it until we got home). Even though I was on the losing side, I think this is pretty darn funny. Because, you know, “nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat quite like the sweet taste of pudding”. Apparently they’re really giving pudding away in San Francisco tomorrow!

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