Snow Day!

The weather reports said it was supposed to rain today. I guess technically, it did. In the form of snow. Five inches of it! It was a little unnerving to drive as it’s falling… especially when it gets really heavy. It was down way lower than it normally is (our house is typically right at the snow line, yet I drove for about 20 minutes in it). It was really beautiful too. I spent a few minutes just sitting in my car when I got home watching it fall… it was so peaceful! Then I grabbed my camera, the dog, and headed out to play! Shadow has seen snow one or two other times. He loves to run in it and to eat it. This has to be one of my favorite pictures of him:

Snow Bunny!
Snow Bunny!

I’m still learning to photograph – lighting in the snow is still a little tricky for me. I love how the trees look when they get snow on them – especially the huge oak trees all over our property:

Snow on Oaks
Snow on Oaks


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