It’s taken me a while to pull my thoughts together regarding the bombings at today’s Boston Marathon. I actually found myself saying “People suck!” several times today. I hate that. I hate that now you can’t even go for a run without fearing for your life.

Instead of focusing on my frustration and anger towards those who executed this despicable attack, I’m trying to focus on the good. If you’ve seen any of the video footage, you’ve seen all sorts of people running to help the injured. They were military, they were police officers, they were race volunteers, they were even ordinary citizens. I’m going to cling to that – that in a time of need there are still good people out there who will run toward danger to help a fellow human being.

I had two friends running today (along with several who went to cheer), both who finished before the bombs exploded (one of them by only about 9 minutes). I’m so glad they’re both safe and so sad that their great achievements were tarnished by something so terrible. For those of you who don’t know much about running, the Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon in the world and you have to qualify to participate. To give you an idea of what an accomplishment it is to compete, a woman my age would need to run a qualifying race in under 3:35. Yeah, that’s fast (remember, it’s 26.2 miles!).

My heart and prayers go out to all of those killed or impacted by the tragedy in Boston today.

United We Run!
United We Run!


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