Book Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

I was recently invited to join a book club (yay!) and our first book was Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. Sadly, I wasn’t able to make the book club meeting, but I did read the book and thought it was really interesting.

Synopsis (from Amazon):

A dazzling novel in the most untraditional fashion, this is the remarkable story of Henry DeTamble, a dashing, adventuresome librarian who travels involuntarily through time, and Clare Abshire, an artist whose life takes a natural sequential course. Henry and Clare’s passionate love affair endures across a sea of time and captures the two lovers in an impossibly romantic trap, and it is Audrey Niffenegger’s cinematic storytelling that makes the novel’s unconventional chronology so vibrantly triumphant.

An enchanting debut and a spellbinding tale of fate and belief in the bonds of love, The Time Traveler’s Wife is destined to captivate readers for years to come

My Thoughts

This book was really good, but be warned, it’s not an easy read. The story jumps back and forth between Claire and Henry as well as to different times. That said, I love the concept. Henry can’t control when his travel happens, nor where he ends up and how long he’s there for. It’s definitely very different than the typical time travel story. Claire is so in love with Henry that she not only puts up with his coming and going, but patiently waits for him,  not knowing if he’s ok or not. The ending actually made me cry!

This book is definitely worth a read!

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