Light The Fuse Tour

So I’m a little bit behind with my concert posts… a couple of weeks ago Amber and I headed out to Sleep Train amphitheater to see the Light The Fuse Tour with Keith Urban, Little Big Town, and Dustin Lynch. To be honest, I was most excited to see Little Big Town… I don’t mind Keith Urban, but he’s never been my favorite. In fact, most of his show felt like an epic guitar solo… over and over and over.

Little Big Town was absolutely amazing. I’ve always loved them, but they are phenomenal live. Their harmonies are amazingly tight! They did all of their big hits, and even did a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Listen To The Wind Blow”. I think since I sang harmonies with my dad and sister growing up that I’m drawn to that kind of music… to me there’s nothing sweeter than beautiful harmony!

And now for the obligatory pre-concert picture:

Amber & I
Amber & I

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