North Carolina

The next place we went to on our road trip was North Carolina. We headed into Charlotte for the night. Right about now on the trip is when I started to suffer the beginnings of the cold of death… the same one that I’m still battling. We got to Charlotte after dark and couldn’t believe what a beautiful city it was. I didn’t take pictures, but really wish I had… that city at night is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. We checked into our hotel and then headed out in search for food. We were given directions into “the Epicenter” – basically the happening spot of the downtown area.

Downtown Charlotte
Downtown Charlotte

Mike and I both commented that even though we’re not really “city people” we both loved it here. I’m not sure exactly what it was… there was just a great vibe. I really liked how they kept the history alive via markers.


We didn’t spend a ton of time here because we wanted to get down to South Carolina, but I really enjoyed the time we were there!


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