Leap Of Faith

Today was a pretty mellow day in the Blankenheim household… mostly spent recovering from my father-in-law’s retirement party. Stay tuned for a post on that once I feel a little better. This cold is still kicking my booty, so I tried to do some relaxing today. That said, I needed a little movement, so I headed out to a much neglected section of my yard to fix some sprinklers and move a few leaves. It turned out to be a pretty big pile… hard to tell in the picture because Mike was on the deck when it took it, but they came up to just above my waist.

Big Pile 'O Leaves
Big Pile ‘O Leaves

And, once you rake up a pile of leaves, there’s only one thing left to do:

Leap Of Faith
Leap Of Faith

Now, mid-leap of faith, Mike yelled out something along the lines of “it might not be as soft as you think”, so I decided against the face plant. Instead, I landed feet first.

The End.
The End.

Sometimes, even when you’re sick, you need to take some time to indulge your inner child! Happy Fall everyone!

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