He REALLY Loves Me!

The “he” that I refer to is my husband.

How much is “REALLY”?

Well, he’s about to fulfill one of my biggest, most long running dream.

If you’ve known me for any amount of time, you’ll know that I love animals. Almost all of them (I’m sure there’s some reason to love the skunk and the snake, but I haven’t found it yet). I spent a great deal of my childhood wanting to be a veterinarian and have had pets galore. There has always been one that was at the top of both the proverbial and literal (ie. birthday/Christmas) lists. One that I’ve wanted more than anything, but have never had.

That’s right, a horse.

He’s buying me a horse. An honest to God, breathing, living, 1000+ pound horse.

I am so excited that I think my head might explode. More to come friends… stay tuned for a ton of obnoxious horse-related posts. 🙂

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