Saturdays With Shadow: Snow Edition

Overnight we got about seven inches of snow (hello, did I mention I’m running a marathon tomorrow?!).

Even though he’s seen and hiked in snow before, I still love seeing the excitement Shadow gets from getting to frolic in it. I’m not gonna lie, I still get really excited about it too (as my friend Jamie says, we’re flatlander transplants and still don’t see it as work!).

First off, I make him pose with me. Both him and Mike love it when I do this.

Say Cheese!
Say Cheese!

It’s not a good time in the snow if you don’t eat some:

Eating Snow
Eating Snow

After that, I got serious and tried to get some good pictures… Shadow is so hard to photograph because of how dark he is… but I got some good ones!

Handsome Boy
Handsome Boy

Check out Facebook for some more! 🙂


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