Well, it’s been over a month since I last posted… things have definitely been busy! Last week Mike and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. When we got married we decided that we would not get each other gifts for our anniversary, but would instead road trip somewhere together. I love it… since October is our anniversary, it falls just after fire season – a time that I see very little of my husband. It’s always a blast to get away, spend time with each other, and see new places!

First Anniversary: Northern California/Southern Oregon Coast

Second Anniversary: Mid-East Coast (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, and South Carolina)

Third Anniversary: Northern East Coast (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New York)

Our first stop in Maine was the Portland Head lighthouse. It was already cold and windy (as was much of the first part of our trip), but it was absolutely beautiful. One thing that I noticed was that the lighthouse itself was not as tall as I had expected.

Portland Head Light
Portland Head Light

We spent the second day in Maine touring breweries… some very delicious ones, I might add. First on the list was Shipyard Brewery. We tasted seven or eight different beers there… and their blueberry soda (so yummy!). Stop number two was Sebago Brewery. To be honest, I didn’t have beer here since I had so much at Shipyard. Instead I had a chocolate lava cake. Because that’s how I roll. That stop was followed by a trek back to the hotel for a nap. We then headed out to In’finiti Fermentation & Distillation where I proceeded to taste their distillery sampler (vodka, rum, and whiskey). I am definitely not normally a hard alcohol drinker, but when in Rome… at least it was a nice walk that evening:

Portland at Night
Portland at Night

That was pretty much it for Maine. We had beautiful weather and really enjoyed it. Next up… New Hampshire!

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