Love It: La Crosse Wireless Weather Station

Just a heads up, I’m totally about to geek out on you. A few months back I purchased the  La Crosse Wireless Weather Station. I’ve had several different rainfall/temperature taking type machines, but they’ve always failed. I gave up on the digital rain measurement and now go the old fashioned way of a little glass beaker mounted on the deck. I still wanted something that would help out with the temperature and found this guy on Amazon:

LaCrosse Weather Station
LaCrosse Weather Station

I love that it shows both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, but I also love that it shows pressure. I sometimes get headaches when the weather changes and this will definitely be a help! If you’re looking for something fun, colorful, and that works well (clearly this post is late as the date in the picture is September 19th), this is the weather station for you! This definitely goes into the love it category!

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