Ten Years Ago Today…

… I walked into Intel Folsom on my first day with the company.

It’s not often I blog about work, but I am pretty proud of this accomplishment. And I’m so happy to be with a company that has treated me so well, for so long, while encouraging me to grow and change. I honestly can’t believe it’s been 10 years… it seems like just yesterday!

Over that time, I’ve bought a house, got a dog, fell in love, married the man of my dreams, went on an awesome honeymoon, went on an amazing sabbatical, and bought a horse. I’m extremely happy to have a company that has supported me through all of the life changes and that has offered perks like sabbatical!

I have also made some truly amazing friends in my time with the company… friends that have been there through hard times, good times, run marathons with me, completed triathlons with me, and shared a zillion other great memories!

Here’s to another fantastic 10 years with Intel!

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