This Little Piggy Made Me Swear

As you know, I’m tucked away at home recovering from ACL surgery. Yesterday was my first day “back” at work – I’m so, so, so thankful to have an employer who is willing to let me work from home for a little while so that I can keep my knee up and continue healing.

This afternoon I took a potty break and while coming out of the restroom, caught my right pinky toe on my crutch as I swung through. I heard the telltale crack and felt really bad pain. When I looked down, here’s what I saw:


Yup, I broke the damn thing – it’s pointing at about 2 o’clock. And, it’s on my “good” leg, so walking with crutches has just become even more fun. I called my mama and promptly Like crying A LOT. I didn’t even do that when I hurt my knee… I think it’s just everything all at once and feeling really stupid for now doing this. She calmed me down and told me to call the advice nurse who basically told me to ice and elevate, that if I went in they’d likely take an x-ray and tell me it was broken, which we already know. She had me send a picture to my regular doctor and he’s supposed to call me back with additional instructions.

My awesome brother-in-law came over this afternoon to let the dogs out (something I struggled with when I had one working leg), which officially makes him my hero (Mike is off on a control burn in his battalion).

Is everyone ready for the #thetoe posts on Instagram?

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