Baby Goats!

Yesterday I headed over to my sister in law’s house to check out their baby goats. I have never really hung out with a goat before, so I didn’t know what to expect, but these little suckers were adorable! I did learn that you should not stroke their billy goat beards (they pee on them?!). This is me looking a little bit crazy… “LET ME LOVE YOU!”


Skyler looks much cooler than me:


The two small white ones are the babies (they’re already getting big!). They snuggled up next to Mama and then mean old Uncle Goat came to scare them away:


The babies then decided they were hungry, and it was a much rougher process than I would have imagined. They reach up under there and whack Mama pretty hard on the teats (yes, I said teats) then both get down to business. It was a little bit scary!


They are also raising turkeys… who are way more adorable and friendly than baby chickens!


Don’t tell Mike,  but I think I need a goat.

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