This Is Thirty-Six

Well, today I celebrated the 20th anniversary of my 16th birthday. For those who don’t feel like doing math, I turned 36.

I did what any good future ranch-owning cowgirl does on her birthday. I stood in the freezing cold rain and helped put up fencing. Thankfully Mike and my Daddy were there – not gonna lie, I got too cold by noon and had to call it quits. I began to think about what people who freeze to death on Everest feel like.

I decided to make myself useful and get the gang Taco Bell. Then my Mama and I headed out to look at furniture.

We finished the day off with a great big family dinner at Strings – nothing but the best pan fried raviolis for this girl! I spent the rest of the evening reading through the wonderful Facebook messages, text messages, and emails I got from my friends and family. You guys really know how to make a girl feel loved!

I wouldn’t have had this day any other way! Here’s to another amazing year on this planet!

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