The Chicken Chronicles: Chick Pics

New year, new chicks, right?

Sadly, I have to start off with one that didn’t make it. Little Red died this morning.


I hate this part of animals… even when they’ve only been with me a little while, it makes me sad. I guess it’s not meant to be with me and the Rhode Island Reds… first Stretch last year, now Little Red. She was given a proper burial on the ranch.

Now, onto the happier part of the post… the living chicks and ducks. That’s right DUCKS! These little ducklings are so freaking adorable, it kills me! But first, the chicks.

This is Kramer, my Polish Crested. I know it’s not a very feminine name, but she’s going to have some crazy hair and the name fits! Google Polish Crested and you’ll find out what I mean!


This is Dot, my Speckled Sussex. If you remember last year’s chickens, you’ll remember Cleo, who was also a hawk casualty. The Sussexes are beautiful and I wanted to get another one.


This is Lacey, my Silver Laced Wyandotte. She’ll be another pretty one – basically all black with gray/silver “lacing” on her.


This is Goldie, my Buff Orpington. I haven’t had one of these before, but thought a lighter colored chicken would go well with all of my dark ones!


Now, onto the ducks. I don’t know enough to figure out what breed they are yet, but I’m doing some research. I’m waiting to name them until I know a little more about them and can see their little personalities.

Meet Duck #1:


Meet Duck #2:


Well, that’s it for the new members of the ranch!




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