RAK #40: Brenda Lee Marquez McCool

This is the fortieth of 49 random acts of kindness (RAKs) that I’m doing to honor the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. Hopefully each small act puts a little bit of happiness back out in the world!

This RAK was a really easy one – I shop a lot at Safeway and they have a rewards program. You can use those rewards for a lot of things – gas, free food, etc. They had an option to take those rewards and apply them towards relief for the Paradise wildfires. I couldn’t click yes fast enough!

This RAK is in honor of Brenda Lee Marquez McCool. Brenda was 49 years old and had battled (and beat!) cancer twice. She had six children, one of which was with her at the club that night. Rest in peace, Brenda.