RAK #30: Cory James Connell

This one was another three birds with one stone (sort of) RAK. This is the thirtieth of 49 random acts of kindness that I’m doing to honor the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. Hopefully each small act puts a little bit of happiness back out in the world!

I had a set of three Erin Condren compliment cards that I taped to my RAK cards. I then walked around the office and left them on random desks when people were away! Hopefully they helped put a little smile on someone’s face!


This RAK is in honor of Cory James Connell. He was 21 years old and hoped to someday become a firefighter. During his funeral service, Orange County mayor Teresa Jacobs made a proclamation that officially made Cory a firefighter. He was described by friends as a warm, inviting person always willing to give a hug. Rest in peace, Cory.