Baby Parakeets!

One of the most beautiful things in having so many animals here at the ranch is the chance to see the circle of life. This last year we lost our Shadow to cancer, found Jenny, and got to witness the birth of seven beautiful, healthy puppies. You may or may not know, but I’ve had two parakeets for the last 6 or so years – Ceelo and Lucia. Ceelo was a male, and unfortunately, passed away in early 2017. Lucia is female and, to my knowledge, has never procreated.

When Ceelo died, I worried that Lucia would get lonely, but didn’t want to buy just one more parakeet, knowing that she was pretty old. Enter Green Bean (boy) and Sky (girl). They were named by my 5 year old niece, but their names will give you an idea of their coloring.

Apparently, Miss Lucia is a bit of a cougar. She never showed signs of interest in Ceelo, but Green Bean seems to do it for her. Suddenly, there were eggs EVERYWHERE. I did what every good pet owner does when their animals do something like this – I took the eggs away so they wouldn’t hatch bought a nest box. I thought there was no way we would end up with babies, but here we are, 14ish days later with TWO babies! That’s right, for those of you who were following along on Facebook, we had a second one hatch yesterday! There are still a couple more eggs in there… not sure if they will hatch, but we’ll see!

Lucia is a fierce little mama – when you open the roof on the nest box she squawks like you would not believe (you can hear a little bit of it in the video below). The babies are now both making very quiet peeps when they’re hungry (I’m assuming) that you can also heard below. It’s so amazing to watch life!!!