In Memoriam: Tevye Ditter

I have a whole slew of posts that I need to catch up on (the Easter train with my nieces and nephew, washing Sue, some book reviews), but came across a terribly sad Facebook post today. The group I sang with, the Sacramento Choral Society, posted that last December’s soloist, Tevye Ditter, had passed away. The world has lost a ridiculously talented man. Rest in peace, Tevye.

Les Misérables Review

I have just realized that I’m a little bit behind on my blogging. Like a month. I’ve got all of these drafts started and just not published. As part of my birthday present this year, Mike gave me tickets to see Rock of Ages back in January and the Les Misérables in June.

I always love going back to the Community Center Theater in Sacramento because of my time singing with the Sacramento Choral Society. It was one of the first BIG stages I sang on and I’ll never forget walking out on stage during one of the first rehearsals and just seeing a wall of red (it’s fairly steep and the seats are upholstered with red fabric). I have so many great memories there and absolutely love seeing shows there.

I absolutely loved the musical (I’ve seen it before) – it’s  one of the few musicals I’ve liked in movie form as well (so much so that I bought the movie). The cast was great – I don’t think there was a poorly casted singer in the whole ensemble (usually there’s at least one that irks me). The stage, costumes and lighting were great – it was just as wonderful as I remembered it.

I’m beginning to think I need to find a musical/opera buddy other than my husband… he’s been a trooper. I’ve been trying to build up to his first opera… we started with Cats, then Rock of Ages, now Les Mis. His review was that it was a little “dark”. Well… that’s sort of opera in a nutshell. If he didn’t like a slightly dark show in English, I really doubt he’ll like some rage aria in another language. At least he tried!