For those of you following along at home, my sister is pregnant and due pretty much any day now. I’m beyond excited… I married into a family where I was lucky enough to instantly have two nieces and four nephews, but this will be my first niece that I was here from the start. And the fact that she could be born any minute now drives me nuts… I hate waiting!

To pass the time, I decided to shop and decorate for Christmas early this year. I figure once the baby comes I’ll want to spend time with her and not be Christmas shopping. This weekend I wrapped all my presents, decorated the tree and hung the stockings. As always, Shadow wanted to help and take part in the decorating – and take the credit in the final picture:

Our 2012 Christmas Tree
Our 2012 Christmas Tree

Here are our stockings – this is the first year I hung them over the fireplace – normally we have a spot downstairs, but I have wedding pictures hanging there now.

2012 Stockings
2012 Stockings

I kept it pretty simple this year, but really like how everything turned out! I’m ready for that baby to come now! Is she here yet?

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