Love It: Vanilla Mint Chapstick

For years and years I have tried to become a lipstick girl. Most of the time I hate how it makes my lips feel (dry, chapped, and peely). At best, I can get on board with lip gloss, but even that gets sticky and all over everything. I always end up reverting back to what’s easy and feels good – Chapstick.

A few weeks ago I decided to get crazy and try the Vanilla Mint Chapstick. I love, love, love it. Not only does it smell amazing, but it’s the moisturizing line and has 15 SPF. This stuff is seriously great – I highly recommend it if you like something with a little flavor, but not too sweet!

Vanilla Mint Chapstick
Vanilla Mint Chapstick

One thought on “Love It: Vanilla Mint Chapstick

  1. I’m also a Chapstick fan, but I use the Cherry one, because it has just a hint of color. I’m pretty pale and colorless, so this is just enough to make me look as though I’m NOT dead. I use it under other lipsticks when I want more color. For a real pop, I put on regular lipstick, blot it off, and then slick on my Cherry Chappie. Poifick for everything.

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