Top Five Favorite Christmas Songs

A couple of days ago the morning show that I listen to went through a list of the top ten most hated Christmas songs. I was actually blown away to hear some of the ones on the list (ok, not the Jingle Cats singing “Jingle Bells”). I love Christmas music. I wish I could listen to it all year long… there are just some great, moving songs out there. I actually have to consciously tell myself to not listen to it before Mike’s birthday and after New Years.Now that it’s officially the season, I thought I’d share what my top five favorites are.

1. “O Holy Night”: There are a lot of good versions of this out there – but there are a couple of amazing ones. Mariah Carey and ‘N Sync (seriously!) are a couple. My top version might have to be the Mannheim Steamroller instrumental version (titled “Cantique de Noel (O Holy Night)”). Definitely give that one a listen!

2. “The Twelve Days of Christmas”: Until about two or three years ago, I hated this song. That’s when I was introduced to the group Straight No Chaser. I’m serious, they’re just about the coolest thing to happen to music. Watch this video and make sure you watch all the way to the end:

3. “Silent Night”: Hands down best version ever is Boys II Men. There’s no competition to the a capella version. Period.

4. “The Gift”: This is a little diddy by Garth Brooks. Yes, I know, not very traditional. This song almost always brings tears to my eyes when I really listen to the words.

5. “Carol of the Bells”: Again, Mannheim Steamroller really outdoes themselves on this one – I love how it builds… this is my go to song for wrapping presents!

This brings me to my big question… what’s your favorite Christmas song?

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