Shadow’s Adventure (A Special Saturdays With Shadow)

Today we decided that since a decent storm went through this week we’d give snowshoeing another try. At the last minute I told Mike that I wanted to take Shadow along with us. The only snow that he’s really ever seen is the couple of inches we get once or twice a year. I thought it’d be fun for him to come out and hike around a bit. We had the best time! I’m so proud of him… he hiked along with Mark, Mike, and I like he’s been doing it for years. He did get a little tired at the end, but figured out that if he walked in Mark’s tracks, it was a lot less work.

The weather was beautiful – it actually started snowing on the drive up, stopped for the beginning of the hike and then started again right at the end. We ended up hiking 3.24 miles in a couple of hours (there was some pretty good uphill chunks this week).

Shadow & I In The Snow
Shadow & I In The Snow
Running In The Snow
Running In The Snow

Hiking With Daddy

We are both pooped. It was a great hike and if we had our way both of us would still be napping. I can’t wait to take him on another grand adventure!

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