Fairy Godmother

***Update: There was only one person in the world who told me the link to this was broken… thank you BFF Brigitte! 🙂 This post was actually from yesterday.

Today I officially became a godmother. Yup, it was Chloe’s baptism. She was such a good girl… She cried when they dunked her (hey, I would cry too if I was asleep and then suddenly dunked in water!) but was great the rest of the day.

I am beyond excited to be her godmother… It means so much to me that Kati and Nate chose Mike and I. My first piece of advice to her was whispered in her ear as we stood in front of the church: “You should never be naked in front of this many people again.”. I know, it’s the little lessons I look forward to sharing.

No, honestly, I am so excited to be a part of Chloe’s life and can’t wait to help her on her journey as a Catholic and in life. More pictures to come once I get them!

This one is of Chloe right after mass. She was not happy at all to be stuffed in her car seat and I’m sure worried that she was wrinkling her beautiful dress!


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