Meet Chip

Yesterday I needed to head to Petco to get some dog food and saw a really cute “indestructible” chipmunk that we named Chip. Or so the label said. We pretty much know that no toy is safe with Shadow, but I keep trying. I have visions of him snuggled up with his little *insert cute animal here*.

Shadow Meets Chip
Shadow Meets Chip

This was the longest one of these has lasted – it took about half an hour for him to get the stuffing (and squeaker) out. That really is some sort of record – normally it’s about 30 seconds before the stuffing is flying. Once all of the stuffing is out, he likes to move it around for a couple of days, tearing off a tail or an ear every now and then. He doesn’t eat any of it – just pulls and spits.

Don't Mess With My Chipmunk
Don’t Mess With My Chipmunk

Today he ate Chip’s face off. So much for that sweet dream.

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