Favorite Song Friday – “I Will Wait”

This week’s favorite song Friday is a band that’s getting a lot of air time right now. Mumford & Sons is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands. I’ve seen them perform on TV a couple of times and am blown away at the sheer amount of talent these guys have. On SNL, Marcus Mumford was singing, playing guitar, and playing the drum with his foot. Those are some serious musical chops. You can tell by watching the band that they just FEEL the music… I love it!

I Will Wait” is the song that is all over the radio right now… and I love it! I really like the folk roots of this band and how honest their music is (and the banjos, and the harmonies, and well, you get it). Marcus Mumford has written most of their music. I seriously hope they go on tour sometime soon and that they come somewhere close to my town!


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