A Little Slice of Heaven

I had a serious to do list today. I was going to work in the yard, clean up around the house, and catch up on some tv shows I have taped. Instead, I abandoned it all and headed over to the barn to ride. I spent most of my weekend over there in between rain storms and I can’t stress how therapeutic it’s been!



I read the quote below the other day… I’ve searched high and low for the author, but can’t find him/her.

“Religion is a person sitting in a church thinking about kayaking. Spirituality is sitting in a kayak thinking about God.”

As I sat there on Sue’s back and just looked out at the lake, I felt a calm come over me. Call it God, call it relaxation, call it just enjoying the moment. It was great. I could even feel Sue relax under me. There was something so spiritual about being out there, one with my horse, in the great outdoors.

The housework will always be there, but moments like this are far and few between!