Favorite Song Friday – “Royals”

This week’s favorite song is “Royals” by Lorde. This song is almost always on the radio right now and I love it. That and Kati and I had a conversation about it in which we sang it in Chloe’s voice (which is high pitched and squeaky according to the two of us). Which was then followed by this adorable picture posted to my Facebook page along with the “Royals” lyrics. I just about died.

If Only She Could Sing...
If Only She Could Sing…

Enjoy and happy Friday!

Blurred Lines

I have fallen in love with the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. Yes, I’m aware that it’s on the radio ALL the time – in fact, sometimes you can even change the channel and it’s on like all of the pop stations. But it’s catchy and I like it.

I am a believer in buying the whole album, not just a single. Some of my favorite songs have never seen the light of day via radio DJ, but were recorded. I bought this whole album (also called Blurred Lines) and was actually disappointed. Part of what I really loved about Robin Thicke was his strong R&B roots. On this album, he’s completely crossed over to a highly mixed, far less R&B sound. To be honest, I’m not loving it at all.

This might be one of the few times that I recommend just buying the one catchy single and passing on the album!

Blurred Lines
Blurred Lines

Legends of Summer

Last Friday I headed to Candlestick Park with Adam and Eva to see Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z on their “Legends of Summer Tour“. I’ve seen JT in the past and his show was amazing – even if you don’t like the music, he is a great performer. After reading Jay-Z’s book “Decoded” I became a fan, as he discussed in great detail the meaning of his songs and lyrics. I’m convinced he’s a really smart dude.

The sound was less than stellar, partly because Candlestick Park is such a huge, open venue. I didn’t realize until after, but this tour is strictly a stadium tour, which I think is an interesting choice. The show itself was awesome. I think the really neat part for me was how they wove the show together. Instead of the traditional opening act, they had a DJ for about an hour. He was not the best in the world, but came up with some good (and interesting) song combinations. “California Love” by Tupac followed by “All Night Long” by Lionel Ritchie, anyone? Then the show kicked off. The stage setup was great – it was this massive shiny red stage that they projected all sorts of things on depending on the song.

Stage Setup
Stage Setup

There was definitely some thought put into the flow of the show – rather than JT doing a set and then Jay-Z doing a set, they innerwove their music. This was really cool for me because the two styles of music, while different on the surface, actually flowed really well together. They also made it super easy for the guys to switch back and forth via a trap door/elevator on the stage. Most of the time, you never saw the guy leaving. It was a great show as evidenced by the following picture:

This Is What Fun Looks Like
This Is What Fun Looks Like

Finally, we had something really cool happen as we were leaving the show. We were walking through the parking lot when we heard sirens. Around the corner came roaring a couple of motorcycle cops, cars, and two black SUVs. We started trying to figure out who it was when Adam flashed the shaka (ie. hang loose sign) and none other than Jay-Z popped his head and arm out the window to give it back. Too cool!

Favorite Song Friday – “SexyBack”

Today’s favorite song Friday pick is a throwback to 2006 and a shout out to tonight’s upcoming concert. Yup, it’s “SexyBack” by Justin Timberlake. I’m so so so excited about the show – it’s at Candlestick Park and features Jay-Z. Stay tuned in the next day or so for the concert review!

“SexyBack” was the ultimate summer jam… it came out in July of 2006 and was super catchy. Happy Friday!

Favorite Song Friday – “Just Give Me A Reason”

This week’s song that is stuck in my head is “Just Give Me A Reason” by P!nk, featuring Nate Ruess (from the group fun.). I fell in love with P!nk when I saw here with JT (she can seriously SING) and saw f.u.n. on SNL. Nate Ruess has an amazing voice… his range is huge! P!nk actually wrote the song as well – she is so talented!

I love, love, love this song. And the video is sexy!

Favorite Song Friday – “When I Was Your Man”

This week’s favorite song is “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. In case you haven’t noticed, this guy is EVERYWHERE right now. It seems like one of his songs is on nearly every radio channel I turn to. This particular song has beautiful lyrics – a reflection of the “what I should have done” thoughts.

The 20/20 Experience

FINALLY Justin Timberlake has come out with a new album, titled The 20/20 Experience. I was super excited to get tickets to see his show later this year (I’ve seen him in the past and he’s an amazing performer) and am now even more excited now that he has new material!

There are big chunks of this album that remind me of old school JT, and there are big chunks that are very Robin Thicke-esq. I love the mixture of the two. It definitely has a more R&B focused sound to it, which I think his voice fits perfectly into.

I don’t necessarily think that this album is as great as FutureSex/LoveSounds was, but it’s right up there. Can’t wait for the show!

The 20/20 Experience
The 20/20 Experience

Favorite Songs: “Let The Groove Get In”, “Mirrors“, and “Suit & Tie